Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How to build your team

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When it comes to team-building activities, Rask recommends inducing nostalgia. Her company created decks of cards that featured Western-based cultural references spanning several years. The cards depicted movies, music, politics and war. In the game, individuals select cards that remind them of their childhood, then sit with co-workers and share memories and thoughts before diving into the difficult conversation of generational differences. This is an activity that can be incorporated into your company’s social and development events throughout the year.

Once the initial conversation is started, businesses can move into strategies like mentorship and reverse-mentorship programs. Reverse mentoring is when older workers work with younger worker mentors for the purpose of stimulating digital knowledge and challenging hierarchical norms, all the while nurturing a professional relationship. The more “traditional” mentorship style, an older worker mentoring a younger one, is still an ever-growing, effective practice across professional fields.

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This relationship building breeds understanding and empathy between the different generations. An “on-paper” knowledge of generational differences can only take a business so far if they do not implement educational and professional growth initiatives into their workforce management. This will prevent disdain and ageism between colleagues.

As Generation Z enters the workforce, remember that all new generations face backlash. Millennials, in particular, have faced criticism in the media in recent years. Why? On the surface, it’s easy to dismiss the complaints as jealously over digital fluency, or a lack of understanding about their “overly” inclusive worldview.

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How to build your team

When it comes to team-building activities, Rask recommends inducing nostalgia. Her company created decks of cards that featured Western-based...
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