Why LED lighting has become so popular and where you can count on when you apply it? Think include the ability to save energy and the increased light output of an LED lamp, but also
think about the durability of LED lighting. The LED lamps are, moreover, to apply a lot safer, they therefore offer several advantages. LED lighting can be applied anywhere in principle
and provides an additional degree of flexibility with regard to the color of the light that you wish.

Saving energy and CO2 emissions
With LED lights to save energy, something we increasingly are doing anywhere on earth. We've found each other that we too emit CO2, making the ozone layer having problems and the earth
heats up further still. Among others, the Dutch and European government thinking here about the same, so there are various incentive programs. We have massive bulb banned and
switching to LED lighting, which is superior in a number of fronts. With LED lights to save energy, allowing you to reduce CO2 emissions, since less fossil fuels are required to meet your energy needs.

Lumens per watt
In addition, LED lighting makes for a more efficient use of energy. The efficiency of light is expressed in lumens per watt (lm / W). Lumens is the unit of light, which we can show how
strong is the light that comes from a lamp. The number W represents the amount of energy that is consumed by the lamp. The higher the number lm / W is, the more efficient the lamp
uses energy. LED lighting is known for its high energy efficiency, making you choose an option to save or increase your light output, at the same cost.

Sustainability of LED lighting
LED lighting also gaining more and more popularity due to the durability of the lamps. The LED lamps are much more durable than incandescent and halogen lighting. An LED lamp is easy
50,000 hours, compared to only 1,000 hours for an incandescent lamp or 5,000 hours for a CFL. Furthermore LED lighting is much less sensitive to vibration, compared with the other
sources where you can choose from. No use is made of a filament lamp through there, so that it can not be destroyed, for example, when you are dealing with these vibrations.

Security LED lighting
Thirdly, the LED lighting provides a high degree of safety. This has mainly to do with the development of heat which occurs. A conventional light bulb converts about 90% of the energy
into heat, and uses the remaining 10% in order to give off light. LED lights do this in a very different way, since only 10% is converted into heat. This means that is not called
an LED lamp and you choose an excellent yield of light. The LED lighting can therefore be used in a very secure manner, such as in retail or in environments where children are active in the area of lighting.